Today is a day to rejoice! It is exactly 4 weeks and 1 day since John and Phil’s accident, and oh the progress we have seen!

Before we get to the updates an Phil’s status, I’d just like to report and send out a quick praise that both John and Julie have made it safely to Atlanta and got to spend a few hours with Phil. We can’t wait for tomorrow to see how he responds to them during therapy hours.

Today was exciting to see Phil’s progress. He had a really good day. To start off the morning. Phil had an hour of physical therapy followed by a quick rest, then a half hour of speech therapy followed by an hour rest ending with 1 full hour of Occupational therapy.

Every therapy session Phil handled very well and there is exciting news to report.

PT: A man named Seth stretched Phil’s neck to the right to help his tendency to go left. Then his vision appeared to be better and he was able to actually follow his Mama across his center vision to right slightly! That is a goal that they had placed for him to be able to do and we will be watching for consistency in that over the next few days. Continue to be in prayer for that.

~ Quick side note, there’s not a word on the CT scan yet ~

ST: Phil seemed to be responding to commands slightly using a head nod. When we would ask him a question he would move his head slightly, Tristen seemed to think that this was the beginnings of some intentionally head movements, which was proven as the day got longer! But it still may be some wishful thinking to say that he is responding to our questions with a positive head nod or not. But he is working toward it. Phil also started intentionally lifting and lowering 1 and 2 fingers when asked. He wouldn’t always get the right, but it was evident that he was trying.

OT: Phil was placed on atilt table, which gradually raises him to standing position. He did not get above 20 degrees, but he handled it very well. He stayed at a 20 degree angle for half an hour, and his vitals were doing great! Praise the Lord.

In addition to these small victories we saw in Phil today and interesting pattern we noticed is that Phil really relaxes to the reading of the Word! How wonderful that scripture, and what a testimony and challenge comfort him it is for me to do the same.

God is in control.


9 thoughts on “Day 29.0 (WELCOME FAMILY!)

  1. Dawn Brodersen says:

    Praise God! Thank you, Lord, for every little step.

  2. Pamela Schlich Steinmetz says:

    Little steps but great steps in the right directions. It’s good to hear he is handling the therapies so well. God bless Shepard and their hard workers!

  3. Dave O says:

    This is great news!!!!!

  4. Pastor Val says:

    Baby Steps but Giant leaps of Faith as we pray for recovery. Blessings, val

  5. Sheryl Crowe says:

    Wonderful news! There are many prayer warriors from Jessamine Christian Church praying daily for Phil’s recovery and for peace, strength, and comfort for the family.

  6. Michelle Beach says:

    Thank you Lord! Love hearing all this. Continuing to pray. Love to all, Lynn & Shell

  7. wendy says:

    I don’t know Phil personally. I don’t know John either. I am Kim Albertson’s cousin, and she shared what had happened on her facebook. Since then, my church, bible study and family have been praying for Phil. For his family and friends. Particularly for his caregivers, that they might work their best with him.
    It has been with joy and hope that I read the daily blog. Not only does it help direct our prayers, it blesses me every day with the knowledge that there are still strong, faithful Christians out there.
    We continue to pray,


  8. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. I’ve been reading every entry. Living so far away, I really appreciate your updates and positive energy. (Phil’s cousin in California)

  9. Linda Dickens says:

    Every day is a day for victory…”in the twinkling of an eye.” This opportunity to join so many in prayer for your son is a reason to rejoice. I pray for the patience of your family and the physical strength of your family to remain good so you can be there with Phil as much as you need to and want to. Continuing…

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