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May 23, 2012

Dear Friends,

There is much good news that you will be happy to hear.  Phil has done many great things and accomplished new milestones.  

For starters on Friday Phil was able to climb up the stairs of the Duff house and walk into the living room.  He sat down on the couch and said, “Momma!”  She replied, “What Phil?” He said, “I’m home.”  He was excited to finally be able to get into our house and said he wanted to see his room next time we visit.  

Next, on Saturday Phil climbed up all the stairs to get to the second level of Emma’s house.  This was 15 stairs and is a great accomplishment.  I was happy for Phil that he was able to see upstairs and see where Emma and Mom sleep.  He was pretty excited, this helped him build muscles and gave him encouragement to work harder.

As you may know Phil has started outpatient therapy at Cardinal Hill.  There are many exciting things going on including Phil getting on the locomat and walking on the treadmill again.  We are excited and hope that this will give him and extra boost to get stronger and have the ability to walk around for longer periods of times.  

Another cool thing that we witnessed was speech therapy.  His therapist is very excited to work with Phil and mentioned that he has great learning ability.  Because he can retain information and learn from someone telling him something, he will be able to improve very well.  She had asked him some questions at the beginning of the session and they were a little tough for him.  She latter asked him the same ones and he got all of them right.  This was exciting for us to see.

Also, today in occupational therapy Phil played on the Wii and worked on catching a four pound ball.  This was cool because Phil had a great time, and was working on getting better.  His OT Linda is very kind and works great with Phil.

Please continue to pray for Phil that he would be at peace in his situation and still be determined to work hard.  Thanks for praying and caring about Phil.



DAY 183.0

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to add a bit to the update.  Phil has started to improve in standing up.  He can’t do it totally by himself yet, but he is doing better every day. 

Please continue to pray for Phil in all aspects of his life.


DAY 182.0

Dear Friends,

Today marks six months from the accident. It seems crazy, but Phil really has come a long was since November 15. He is doing great! tomorrow Phil will start outpatient therapy at Cardinal Hill and is scheduled to be evaluated by the therapists. We are excited to see him work at the hospital, continuing to improve.

One main thing I would ask for you all to pray about is for his reading ability. Phil has realized that he cannot read very well and has started mentioning that he really wants to work on this. Once we were looking at a page and I asked, “Can you read this?” He said, “Some words.” He is working on reading out loud, which is doubly difficult because of his speaking difficulties, but he is doing great.

Please pray Phil will continue improving speaking. He is doing much better but one thing you could pray for is talking when he is out with people other than his family. He doesn’t talk as much and seems to be a little embarrassed that he can’t communicate as well as he once could. Please pray he is confident and will speak more in public.

Phil’s walking is also improving. He hardly needs me to stand by him when he is using the walker. Today he walked out the front door and down the steps to go out for lunch. Then back up them when we came back. He also walked out of the house and down the steps to go out to the jazz concert. Phil really enjoyed the jazz concert tonight put on by the Metrognomes. He said he liked Sin Palabras the best, “The one with the soprano sax.” He really wants to be able to play again.

All in all Phil is doing great and is really pushing to improve and is being pushed (by me). God is good through it all, and we realize that our relationship with him is the most important part of our lives. We praise him in all things, and thank him for all the blessings we have in this life.


DAY 173.0

Dear Friends,

Today I have been encouraged by Phil’s progress as I have been able to share with friends how well he is doing.  We have been working hard and it is tiring, but Phil is doing so well and is very determined.

The coolest improvement is Phil’s walking.  In therapy he is walking with a walker almost by himself.  Someone will walk with him just to steady him if he needs, but he does it mostly by himself.  This week we will start walking around the house a bit in an effort to allow him to build up endurance slowly.  It is exiting to see him walking so well.  It is still slow, but he is making ground. 

Phil’s speech is also improving.  We see him communicate more and more.  It is hard to track his progress today, but we can say that he is able to let us know what he wants to.  He does not use huge sentences, but he does let us know what he wants.  He was tested by his speech therapist last week and she mentioned that he had improved in many ways. 

This week is our last week with home health and we will start out patient at Cardinal Hill next week.  This is exciting and we are hoping it will mean continued improvement for Phil.

Please continue to pray for us.  We all need strength including Phil.  God is good through it all and we are thankful for all he has blessed us with.

— John–