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June 24, 2012

Dear Friends,

I am happy to write to you of Phil’s improvement and am sorry that I haven’t updated you all in a couple of weeks.  Thank you for praying and please continue to do so, as Phil still is in need of prayer, as we all are.

First, Phil’s doctor decided to cut one of his blood pressure medicines in half, because it has a side effect of making you feel like you need to pee.  This has help Phil sleep through the night much better and is very nice for his family that has spent the night with him.  We are excited about this discovery and pray it can help Phil sleep better so that he can recover more.

Second, Phil has started doing much more to get himself ready in the morning.  In the shower he washes himself almost all by himself and he walks to and from breakfast.  He also has started to stand up while doing everyday tasks like brushing his teeth and urinating.   This hard work will help him build endurance and help him become more independent.

Next, I have definitely seen improvement in Phil’s ability to push himself in the wheelchair.  Thanks to time spent practicing wheeling himself around and time doing arm exercises with weights, Phil does a pretty good job.  He likes to push himself around when we go to stores like Wal-Mart or Lowes, because it is easier than at home on the carpet.  It is great to see him getting around by himself because it allows him to be and think more independently.

Phil continues to improve in speech and in his critical thinking.  He is working on doing Algebra right now, and he was excited when I told him some people can’t understand the math he is doing, he grins and says, “I know math before.”  Him being such a studious and diligent person before has really helped him.

I am very thankful for the videos my Aunt Sherri has made of Phil because it allows us to track his progress more when I forget how much he has improved.  Just yesterday we were watching the videos and could see how hard Phil has worked to get to where he is.

We continue to thank and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through everything.  He is with us and is constantly encouraging and sustaining us.  Please continue to pray that Phil takes more and more steps toward independence, especially physically.  If he is able to push himself around more in his wheelchair and walk around the house more, it will be much easier on his family that is helping him during his recovery.



June 11, 2012

Dear Friends,

This week was a good week for Phil.  Since last week we have gotten a Wii and Phil has enjoyed playing it thanks to our Grandma Duff (she bought it for Phil).  Many of Phil’s OT’s have suggested getting it to help his coordination and timing, so we decided to go ahead and it is a good investment.  Phil enjoys playing and he can stand up while playing, to get in extra time on his feet. 

This Friday Phil walked all the way around our court and did even longer than I expected him to.  This was with almost no assistance from me apart from securing him when the sidewalk got a little bumpy and slanted.  It was about 20 minutes of hard work and it wore him out, but he did great.  He continues to work really hard physically as just today he went 23 miles on the exercise bike.  I knew he had gone for a while when he decided to get off and I asked him how far he had gone, he started to laugh and then told me how far he had gone.  Pretty wild, but it is great for him and will help him be able walk all by himself sooner. 

Over the weekend the whole Duff crew along with the Grabaus were able to go up to Cincinnati to watch the Reds play the Tigers.  Unfortunately we lost, but Phil really enjoyed the game.  Phil and I (John) sat in the handicap seating, which was on the first level and was shaded the whole game.  It was a great view and we had a fun time. 
On Sunday we went to Pastor Chris’ church in Florence to see him preach and eat with the church as they celebrated his time at Christ UMC.  Phil enjoyed seeing his old buddy again and all the church members were happy to see Phil doing so well.  They all have prayed for him a lot. 

That’s most of the cool stuff.  Today we did a good workout, after the bike, with exercises Linda (OT) and Shelby (PT) had given Phil to do.  Most were designed to help stretch out his back and hips.  This will loosen up parts of his body that effect his balance and enable him to stand on his own better and walk easier.  Phil did great and we continue to work hard. 

Thank you for keeping up to date and praying for Phil and his family as Phil works through Rehab.  Phil is working really hard and it is good to see him being able to do more things.  If you haven’t seen there is a video of Phil on Facebook that you should watch. 

God is always good.


June 3, 2012

Dear Friends,

We joyfully embrace each day as we see Phil working hard and improving in all areas of rehab. I seem not to write too much, but soon we will have a video you all can watch of Phil showing off. When filming I was astounded by Phil’s ability to use complete sentences and answer questions well. His speech is definitely improving.

We normally will go up and down the full set of stairs every other day or so, and Phil will ride his bike at least ten miles most days. He has therapy Tuesday and Thursdays and walks on the treadmill with help from the lokomat for 30 minutes normally, thus he is improving his leg muscles a lot.

Phil enjoys working out with me and does his arm exercises about two times a week. He also does stuff like tossing a ball in occupational therapy and we even worked on batting a balloon back and forth to work on his coordination and core control.

In speech Phil gets homework every session and is avidly completing it. He will often ask to do his homework and knows that he has to work hard on it. One thing that is difficult for him is reading, which makes completing his homework harder, so pray that he progresses in that area. His speaking ability is improving so much and he is talking so much more. Some visitors may not see this, but he talks much more around family and is getting more comfortable starting conversations and mentioning things.

Phil continues to ask for prayer in his reading, walking and talking. A great sign of improvement has been that when he prays at night he has begun to use more differing requests and praises than saying the same thing every night.

An additional prayer request would be that you pray Phil sleeps through the night well. He is doing ok, but every once in a while he is up a lot. This is hard on the person staying with him and not good for Phil, for obvious reasons. Thanks for all you guys do and we thank a God who is with us through it all.