July 30

Dear Friends,

Today has been a good day for Phil and it is his first day of therapy at Cardinal Hill inpatient.  It has been really exciting for me and his family to see him get adjusted to being in the hospital.  He is taking it well and is starting to enjoy life here.  It is great seeing him in the hospital and knowing how far he has come since the last time he was in a hospital room.  It is amazing!! 

Mom and I got here after lunch and Phil was already done with therapy for the day.  He will be working out with me though….  he works hard.   One thing that has been great is that he has gotten to talk to some of the other brain injury patients.  This excites him and helps him be ok talking with people because he knows they can relate to him.  It is a joy to see him talking to the nurses and other patients, as he wasn’t able to do this much in Atlanta.   His ability to converse has come a long way and it is exciting!  He enjoys being in the hospital because he knows he will be able to work more in therapy to get better. 

One thing you could pray for is his right knee.  It tends to lock up when he walks and causes his legs to hyper-extend.  The therapists ordered a knee brace to help with this, but if he is able to keep that knee unlocked his walking will be a lot more fluid. 

Also, I was going to mention that the plan from the doctors is to have Phil in here for around 3 weeks.  I don’t know if they will re-evaluate him afterward or not.  We will see.  Thank you for being faithful and praying for Phil.



2 thoughts on “July 30

  1. Devin Hopkins says:

    Still missing you guys! Love reading the wonderful updates about Phil! I will continue to pray! Hebrews 10:39 & 12:1-3–
    Continue to persevere! These verses get me pumped up! Feel free to share them with Phil too! Love and miss you all!


  2. Thank you, John, for the updates on how Phil is doing ! You have a gift for showing your love for Phil, as well as for others in your life. You two are changing hearts when we see how God is with you at every step, every day. It helps me realize that trusting in God is a way of showing my love for Him.
    Sandy Shawhan

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