August 10

Dear Friends,

It is good to see Phil work so hard in the hospital. He has enjoyed getting the extra therapy and takes advantage of every moment he can. He told me the other day, “They say I am a work-a-holic.” He is very determined.

One improvement I have seen is in his ability to stand up from sitting position. He is doing much better, and can almost do this by himself. He still needs a little help getting his upper body over his legs, but I can see a big improvement. I have also seen a good improvement in his ability to walk for longer periods of time. I couldn’t tell you if he is going faster, but it seems as though it is coming along well.

The therapists ordered Phil a brace for his right leg. This is used while he is walking to help his right knee from locking. This is one of Phil’s problems and I am happy to see we have a brace that we can keep. It does help a lot and I hope it will enable Phil to continue to build strength and endurance in his legs.

Being in Cardinal Hill has enabled Phil to talk to other patients there. One friend that he has made, Tony, is going home today. Last night I came in the room to see Phil doing his weights while talking with Tony. Tony is in his thirties, but still probably the closest person to Phil’s age on the unit. It is good to see him making friends, and seeing them laugh. They like to laugh a lot, which is good, and enables Phil to practice communicating and social skills. He is doing great.

I can also tell a big improvement in reading and writing, and so can Phil. He was working on an assignment which involved looking at a picture and writing a sentence about it. He said, “I like this because I can tell I am getting better.” Phil is learning to sound out words and is now working on harder words, as he can normally spell five letter words ok. One thing that he does have trouble with is when we are helping him, he if you get to far ahead, like if I say “C, H” right in a row, he will get the C then ask again what is next. This is not abnormal that he can’t connect the two letters, but pray that his ability to process more than one thing improves. (If I didn’t explain that well, sorry).

Just yesterday Phil and I were talking to another family whose son had an accident about a month ago. To see where he was reminded me how far Phil has come. It is good to remember each milestone he has reached with hope of continued improvement. This journey has been crazy, and it has been a joy to see Phil’s ability to overcome adversity. “Count it all joy my brothers, when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.” Sometimes while we walk through hard times, it cannot be said that we, ‘Count it all joy,” but sometimes we do look back on it and say, wow, what an experience, God really got me through that. What a wonderful Savior.

I would also ask that you pray for my mom as she works on getting back to school and my sister, as she starts her new job. Continue to pray for Phil.



6 thoughts on “August 10

  1. Kelly Hamilton says:

    So honored to be part of the Body of Christ, praying for you all is such a privilege and I am excited to see each post and learn about the next new development!! Praising God for your faithfulness and for answers to prayer!

  2. Sher Bear says:

    John, i will lift all of your requests before God.
    I miss you all. Maybe next week we can skype and I will from Shepherd’s so Phil can see Rodney and Megan. Let me know. Love you all.

  3. says:

    Good to hear about Phil’s progress.  My wife and I are still praying for him.

    Terry Williams

  4. Lindy Morgan says:

    Just checking in for an update and to know how to focus my prayers on behalf of Phil and the family. I’ll be praying especially for Janet this week as school gets underway. I know that added into the schedule will be a challenge, but God is good and faithful to equip his children for whatever they face. I pray that there will be joy in each day, for each of you. I also pray that Phil’s progress at Cardinal Hill will continue and that he will be encouraged by each small improvement and by all the new people who come into his life through these experiences.

  5. Tara says:

    I’m so grateful for Phil’s successes and healing, and I’m always happy to report the good news to the nurses at UK (I work there). We’ve all been praying hard and praising daily. Plus, did I see you at the Midsummer Night’s 5K this weekend? Way to go!

  6. prayforphil says:

    Yes, we were there. I ran and Phil cheered me on. I hope to visit the ICU with Phil sometime soon. I think that would be cool.

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