August 22

Dear Friends,

Since you haven’t heard from me lately, I am happy to tell you that Phil is coming home this Friday. That is home home, the good old 1419. Phil and I will be rooming back in the blue room which we lived in together for about 11 years of our lives. Pretty crazy but cool too. And yes, if you noticed this week was Phil’s 4th at Cardinal Hill, as the team had asked to let Phil stay an extra week from what we originally thought because he was working so hard and doing so well.

Phil has been doing great recently and it is exciting to see him start to walk some without the walker. This is only in therapy and in between the parallel bars so he can grab onto them if he feels the need. The therapist or I will stand behind him and hold his waist while he walks, he definitely needs help, but it is cool to see that he is able to do this.

His speech has also improved much while at the hospital. We were happy to see that Phil had made friends with the other patients and he enjoys hanging out with some of them. He laughs with some and makes sure they know where they are (those with short-term memory loss), and prays for all of them. Phil also enjoys reading his big print bible some, which he had asked me to get him. He does well reading and sometimes spells out words for me to help him with. He also likes to write out scripture and then read it back to himself.

Phil has been working hard these days and does extra ‘exercise’ with me when I come after his therapy session and even works on the Nu Step machine in the gym if I am not there. He also works with the weights and is trying to improve his strength in the left side of his upper body, as it is weaker than his right.

Please pray for Phil and his family as he transitions home. We aren’t really sure what Phil’s next step of therapy will be like, though it will be with Outpatient care, so pray that this will be sorted out soon. To God be the glory forever and ever.



3 thoughts on “August 22

  1. To God be the glory for great things He has done! Your friends in Mississippi (in my Sunday School Class) are still praying for all of you.

    Shirley Lowry
    (Collyn Greenhill’s grandmother)

  2. Sherri says:

    Waking up to read this update gives me joy! God so wants us trust Him while He brings healing and new life to Phil. Waiting in His Presence makes us aware of all He’s done and all He truly has to offer! Trusting and believing Him in ALL moments of life is joy for He is good! Prayers for all of you in transition to home (Emma will be sad) – and for Phil’s progress each day. I love you ALL with the love of our LORD.

  3. Linda Dickens says:

    Phil’s journey has been amazing, but God is amazing! I am so happy for your family. I will continue to pray for yall.

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