August 29

Dear Friends,

Today I am happy to tell you of all Phil’s progress and therapy this week.  Many good things have happened since last time I wrote.  First, Phil was discharged from the hospital on Friday.  He was happy to finally be coming home.  Yes, we are not at Emma’s anymore.  Though we miss it at times, it is good to see Phil back at the Duff house.  Phil was so happy to get out of the hospital that he walked all the way from his room to the car.  I was extremely pleased with his walking, as it was at ten in the morning and I normally walk with him after his therapy when he is tired.  He did great walking the whole way. 

Next, on Monday he went down to the Wesley Foundation to hang out with the college students who go to their Monday night worship.  I was unable to attend, so Ashley brought him home.  I could tell when I talked to him that he had a blast.  He really enjoyed talking with all the people and hearing all the stories about himself.  He was ecstatic about the fact that he remembered a few of his friends, because he doesn’t remember much before the accident.  Phil was beaming with joy when I talked to him about it. 

So many exciting things have gone on and the next is that yesterday Phil and I went up to church at St. Luke to walk a bit.  We walk in the hallway around the gym.  His improvement was huge.  One and a half months ago Phil walked one hall in 6 minutes, yesterday he did the same distance in two minutes.  Also, Phil walked all the way around the gym in 9 minutes and 30 seconds, which he had previously done in about 30 minutes.  On top of that, Phil ended up walking all the way around 3 times in a row!  This was a great day.

In addition to that, we went up to church again today to walk and he walked the first time around without the walker and his hands down at his side.  I was holding on to him to help balance, but this was definitely a step beyond walking with the walker.  Phil continued to walk around two more times with the walker.  He is definitely motivated.

Today was also exciting in that we went and visited the ICU nurses at UK that had helped Phil for his first 3 weeks after the accident.  Terry and Jean were so happy to see Phil doing so well.  Jean nearly cried and said it made her month that we came and visited.  We brought them flowers and a card in which Phil wanted to thank them and God for blessing him with so much care.  It was good to allow them to see the way in which their work paid off in Phil’s life.

I end with a note of reminder that we all are incredibly blessed.  Phil sings one of his favorite songs : “How blessed are we!” and knows that he is blessed to love and be loved by an awesome God.



7 thoughts on “August 29

  1. I have warm tears of joy in my eyes as I read this. Praise be to God !

  2. TJ says:

    Thanks be to God! This is amazing news 🙂 I can’t stop smiling!!!!!

  3. Sher Bear says:

    Go Phil!!!! What great news to share!
    I can’t wait to come home and see you all! Phil’s progress is amazing. God’s love & faithfulness is evident as each day Phil experiences “another first” or milestone. Each day gets him closer to planting churches.
    I will keep praying for his complete recovery.
    Love you all! 1 Cor 13:13.

  4. Marianna Towle says:

    Way to go Phil!!! You and your family are true inspirations!!! Thank you for sharing your blessings!!

    Marianna Towle

  5. Robin Patterson says:

    What a testimaony to the Pwer of the Almighty!

  6. Aunt Nayna says:

    Thank you for sharing your progress with the nurses at UK. Their work is very demanding, and they do not often get this kind of response. In addition to the joy that they feel now, this will help them give the best care that they can in the future. You guys are great.

  7. greg says:

    yay. good to hear.

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