September 25, 2012

Dear Friends,

I am sad that I am unable to write more, for yours and Phil’s sake, but its ok.  I am always excited to tell the good news that I can share.  Firstly, Phil was accepted to the Climb program and will be at Cardinal Hill on Tuesday and Thursday.  This is a day program that is kinda like school for brain injury patients.  Phil is at the Climb program from 8 am – 3 pm and enjoys working hard at therapy and doing other group activities.  It is good that Phil can talk with other patients and make friends.

Phil has been improving a lot in many ways, though the most evident is in his walking.  Last Friday Phil and I went up to Church to walk and he walked 12 times around the gym.  According to my estimates that means Phil walked around 3/4 of a mile! I was excited also because the 12th time around on Friday was faster that the first time around a month ago.   Phil’s walking has come so far and he continues to work hard.  

We don’t really use the wheelchair much anymore and I hope to put it in storage full time soon.  That will probably be this week or next.  Phil doesn’t like using it, but sometimes I suggests he uses it if the situation calls for it. 

Phil is also improving in things around the house getting ready in the morning.  Dressing himself has come much faster recently and I also feel comfortable leaving him to brush his teeth by himself.  His balance has come a long way and he even has suggested working toward using a cane instead of the walker.

Phil has also improved in his speech though it is harder to measure his improvement in this area.  He works hard reading and writing and asks his therapists to give him lots of speech homework. 

It is exciting to see his improvement, though it has not always seemed so evident.  God has been with us through it all and we would be foolish to forget that or forget to give him all the Glory.  Phil is continuously wanting to be more like others so he wants to be totally independent in everything.  Things like dressing, using the bathroom, walking and speech he has really improved in, but still needs more improvement to be totally independent.  He always asks for prayer for speech, walking and reading.  God is Gracious and Faithful always.  Lets always continue to pray.



5 thoughts on “September 25, 2012

  1. Sherri says:

    Wheelchair-free sounds amazing!
    I will pray for Phil’s continued progress. Making the Climb program is huge! Great news! Phil will plant churches. Praising God for all He’s done and will do for Phil!
    Love you all! Tell everyone hi for me!!!

  2. I was just about to turn off my computer, but I thought I’d check again on facebook to see if anything new was on it, and there it was ! I am so glad Phil is part of the Climb program. Your family is in my prayers every day.

  3. prayforphil says:

    Yes, I am hoping we will be able to come and visit soon. Pray that we will get a car, to be able to come. Love you all….

  4. Robyn Oatley says:

    Thank God for even the smallest gifts. Always remember how far he has come and the closer he gets to ‘normal’ the smaller and less noticeable may be the increases.

  5. Linda Wolfe says:

    I am sooo proud of Phil and all of his family and friends!! You all are inspiring and ecouraging so many others!! Tell Phil to hang in there!! He is awesome!! God is GOOD!! , Member of Daybreak, Linda Wolfe

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