Monthly Archives: January 2013

January 26, 2013

Dear Friends,

It is good to know that you are still praying for Phil and the family.  Last Friday Phil and I walked into Panera for lunch with some friends and found out there was a group of women there praying for Phil.  It was very encouraging to know that our friends are still asking God to be with my brother.  Let’s keep praying, as we know God is faithful to us.

Phil is doing great and we continue to work hard to get him transitioned from the walker to the walking pole.  To be honest Phil does pretty well with the walking pole when he knows I am near by.  He loses confidence when I am not near by, thus making it difficult to transition over.  Please pray for balance and coordination, but confidence in his walking is also needed.  (He is better at it than he thinks.)  This is a really tough stage because the walking pole is so much less to hold onto than the walker.

Phil’s talking is improving so much and it is amazing to think that last year we were excited to hear him say, “January”, when he is having full conversations today.  Continue to pray that he can overcome his aphasia more and more so his speed of conversation can improve.  He is doing awesome, but he wants to push on more and more.  

Phil has also picked up on reading, math and other areas that he needs to work on.  The math he knows pretty much, but he needs to refresh his mind and get those pathways in him brain working again.  Continue to pray for Phil’s cognitive ability as well.  

Though his reading has improved, his reading holds him back in other areas.  Most ‘school work’ involves reading, even math problems do, so it is tough because he can’t work on these as much until he gets to a better point in his reading.  

Thank you for being faithful in your prayers and continuing to support Phil and his family.  God is good to us daily and it is for his glory that we live on this earth.  He is very glorious, so let us live in such a way that others would see Him.